RALLIS RAW IcePressed® Olive Oil Case of 12 x 375ml (Organic)

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We are so stoked to offer you the finest AWARD WINNING extra virgin OLIVE OIL on the planet, brought to you by my personal friends Theo & Jen Rallis!

Raw, green & refreshing with a natural peppery bite!  Rallis Ice pressed ® olive oil is a great addition to salads, smoothies, coffee, grilled veggies (after the grilling that is), or on its own as a part of medical regime.

Each case consists of 12- 375 mL gorgeous glass bottles of award-winning olive oil that's:

ICE PRESSED® - The Rallis' press their olives 20x to 30x colder than other 'virgin' oil to create a truly RAW olive oil that actually tastes like olives!
UNBLENDED -   This means that there is ONLY RALLIS Olive Oil in the bottle. They DON’T blend Rallis with cheaper oils to yield a higher profit.
UNFILTERED - The bottles will have a little bit of sediment in the bottom because they don’t filter the oil.  There are valuable nutrients in the sediment which is why they keep it!

Size: 375ml
Country of Origin: Greece
Olive Variety: Koroneiki
Harvest Type: Early
Harvest Date: 2020
Pressed: Within hours of picking
Organic, RAW, Ice pressed ®, Extra Virgin
Unblended, unfiltered

Small batch processing to maintain quality & freshness

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada.