Love Butter

We keep things pretty simple around here, and our hand-crafted Love Butter is no exception! 4 plant based organic nourishing edible ingredients synergistically merged into one to create a cruelty-free multi-purpose full body moisturizer (ok that is a mouthful); GY cacao butter, virgin raw coconut oil, Rallis “Ice Pressed” raw olive oil, and a smidge of GY ground vanilla beans (the brown specs that settle to the bottom of the jar).

Love Butter makes a fantastic massage lotion, personal lubricant, hair mask, makeup remover, baby bum cream, a very light SPF, gift and soooo much more. If these uses don’t appeal to you, bulletproof your coffee with it (yes, TOTALLY edible)! We have on many occasions used it to soothe sunburns (and other types of burns). Seriously, it works!

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