About Giddy

BridgitteA little message from Bridgitte Longshore (aka B, owner, founder and lead servant)

There’s lots I want to say, but mostly it’s THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting us because we know you have a bazillion chocolate options. Even though we’re just regular people, we have big dreams to spread the message of hope, and to make the world a better place via our little Giddy Yo.

Our chocolate is special, and so are you. You deserve really good food, and we are supremely thankful you chose us, so so thankful.

Enjoy the peace of chocolate,

- Bridgitte

Our Roots

I’m just kinda a normal girl (and mother of 4 adultish kids) who loves good food and good things, who loves to work, and who gets ideas and inspiration that motivates me to take action. I am inspired and passionate about the things I’m passionate about and love the thought that what I do may actually make a difference in someone’s life. I eat about a half kilo of my chocolate weekly.

I was ‘that mom’ who was obsessed with feeding my 4 kids good clean organic food. In 2007 I started making healthy chocolate for their enjoyment, sourcing ingredients based on how I defined ‘clean’, which required much research (and travel), asking many questions, and being a keen observer. Fast forward to 2009, my business was born in my kitchen, moved to the farmer’s market, then into your local and national health food store and online. Where to next, not sure, but wherever it is, it will indeed help others live their best life.


I started making chocolate and eating clean organic simple food because it seemed like the right thing to do, and really the only option that made sense to me. I don’t accept most things at face value, especially when it comes to matters of truth, health and wellbeing. I ask a lot of questions, I observe, I test. I’m happy to know that there are others that care about quality and ethics, and even happier to know that Giddy Yo has become a trusted brand providing options to help people thrive and live a good life!