Spirulia & Chlorella

Greens 101… Chlorella is a single cell green algae and spirulina is a single cell blue-green cyanobacteria, both cultivated in fresh water.

Both are:

- Highly nutritious and safe to eat for most people.

- Contain high concentration of chlorophyll which helps do the job of hemoglobin when ingested; promotes healthy circulation, cleanses the body, increases the number of red blood cells and therefore increase oxygen throughout the body.

- Excellent sources of Vitamin B12, iron and protein

- High in antioxidants

- May benefit blood sugar management

- May improve overall heart health

- Alkalizing concentrated food

Nutritional Differences (based on a 5g serving):

-Chlorella is higher in: copper, biotin, B6, iron, niacin, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids

-Spirulina higher in: B12 (210% RDI), potassium, Vitamin A, zinc, omega-6 fatty acids


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