Our Mission


Giddy Yo is not your typical company. We craft beautiful pure organic nutritious dark chocolate & body care, source and distribute functional foods and lifestyle products that you feel good consuming and using every day.  We are committed to conducting business ethically, to doing what is right and just, and to performing in a manner that produces exceptional results. We provide safe jobs that people appreciate and value. We aim to inspire others, and to give hope for a better today and tomorrow. We do our best each day to accomplish this and we want you to know us! 

Behind every chocolate bar, every jar of Love Butter, and bag of superfoods is a dedicated team of precious human professionals from near and far, all doing their part to provide you with the quality goods you’ve come to expect. We work hard and are committed to helping each other, our business partners, our customers, our community, and our environment.

What drives us is our passion and purpose to serve others. What guides us is our commitment to doing the right things as a business and as individuals, while we provide you with quality ethically produced food and products, and an exceptional experience. We want to be a feel-good part of your every day.


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