What’s the deal with our coffee?

What’s the deal with our coffee?

Published by Bridgitte Longshore on 17th Nov 2021

You know that “jittery” feeling you sometimes experience after a cup of coffee?

Or how about that not so great feeling in your stomach?

Well here’s the thing, caffeine is most likely NOT the culprit behind those unpleasant experiences, but instead something ON the coffee bean that should NOT be there in the first place. To be more precise, the jitters and gut-rot you’re experiencing may be caused by….dun dun dun…. mycotoxins :/

Coffee beans are cultivated and processed in hot humid environments. Most beans on the market are ‘dry’ processed (aka ‘natural’ process) and must go through a much longer drying/fermentation process than our wet process (‘washed’) beans (hours submerged in water vs weeks exposed to the elements). Natural process coffee is thus more susceptible to mold growth due to the increased fermentation time and exposure to the elements. Mold can be extremely toxic to our immune and nervous system. To add insult to injury, mold is living and thus creates highly toxic waste materials called mycotoxins, and these my friends, are most likely the reason you experience jitters and gut-rot. Ewww I know…

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites that are produced by organisms of the fungi family. The roasting process destroys mold, fungus and harmful bacteria, however roasting does not destroy mycotoxins :(

Being certified organic or fair trade does not exclude coffee beans (and chocolate for that matter) from containing mycotoxins. At Giddy Yo we hold in high regard certain qualities (in our food as well as our people) - we’re all about sourcing the cleanest highest quality safe delicious food available - this is absolutely crucial and what we do. There are some things in business we will never compromise on - quality and ethics being at the top of the list. Not only are our coffee beans organic, fair trade, washed and air-roasted, each lot is tested for the common coffee mycotoxins, harmful bacteria/mold/fungi and other contaminants. Why? Because contaminants aren’t cool, and it’s the right thing to do. Quality clean food is what we do and what you deserve and the best thing for you, and this is why we stress it so much. If you want to feel good on the outside, you need to be mindful of what you put inside, and we want to make things easy for you. No guessing games with us - we guarantee clean, purity, quality and deliciousness!

Giddy Yo coffee is smooth, low-acid, energizing and has a clarity and vibrancy that is not found in natural processed beans. We keep it simple and offer Light, Medium (formerly called Espresso) and Dark Roast, so be sure to try them all to perfect your morning cuppa joe & maximize bliss!

When making your Giddy Yo coffee, we recommend using a Chemex or French press. However a regular coffee machine works too! Our coffee comes in bean form, so be sure you have the appropriate bean grinding tool, we prefer a burr grinder. For the most flavourful and fresh aroma, we recommend grinding beans right before making coffee instead of grinding the whole bag in advance. If time is an issue, you can grind the beans the night before.

How to create your perfect cuppa’ Joe

Creating coffee perfection requires 4 elements- the right coffee, the right water (we suggest low mineral spring water), the right roast, and rightly, your attention.

Use 2 Tbs ground coffee per 6 oz water. Grind GY beans just before brewing and according to your taste preference (a find grind = flavour, coarser grind = more caffeine).

Do your thing and enjoy black or froth with GY cacao butter, maca, vanilla, medicinal mushrooms, collagen, yada yada. It’s funner when you share your coffee love with others!

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