Summer Shipping Policy

Giddy Yo Summer Shipping Policy

Extra special care needs to be taken when shipping Giddy Yo meltable chocolate products in the warm months (June to mid-September).  To ensure your chocolate arrives in tip-top form, these special shipping guidelines apply to the following products:

  1. All Chocolate bars including 1 KG Bulk Chocolate Couveture
  2. Cacao Paste
  3. Cacao Butter
  4. Chocolate Covered Golden Berries
  5. Love Butter

If the weather in Orangeville, Ontario (this is the origin location for your order) and/or the weather at destination is within a range that poses a melting risk, we will NOT ship your order until the weather cools down and remains cool to maintain the integrity of your products.  Our shipping department will do their very best to ensure you receive you order fast and in perfect condition!

International Deliveries

Unfortunately we cannot offer a guarantee on the above meltable items for international deliveries due to potential custom delays and lengthy shipping times.  We wish we could but unfortunately we cannot control what the government does with the parcels we ship :(

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 844.443.9696 or if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking care of your health and supporting us in our endeavour to do the same!

Kindly-  Team Giddy

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