RETAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY: Mix Your Own Box of 20 CRUNCHY Dark Chocolate Bars

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Running out of your fave food-not-candy dark chocolate is no fun:(. But not to worry friends, we've made it easy to always have your faves on hand!

If you LOVE Giddy Yo chocolate you have the option to purchase them by the case (20 bars per case)! And because we love you, we're offering a 10% discount* to our RETAIL customers when you order 20 bars at a time. *Not applicable with other discounts. *Please chose only CRUNCHY bars for this item!

All our ingredients are 3rd party lab tested to be safe, are also common allergen-free, organic, vegan, non GMO and more. We hope you enjoy and share with reckless abandon!

Giddy Yo is no one-night-stand chocolate. We encourage you to form a new long term intimate relationship with our creations, one in which will threaten only the chocolate posers out there ;) Go ahead, indulge and feel really good about it. And then share it. Your partner (and kids and boss and friends and…) will thank you over and over, and when they do please tell us about it. Next level baby!

All our hand-crafted dark chocolate bars contain only a few simple & pure ingredients- we use only organic Rainforest Alliance cacao, biodynamic golden cane crystals, freeze-dried fruit, essential oils and/or spices, coffee, mt. salt or medicinal mushrooms. We never add any soy or other unnecessary random and bizarre ingredients. Always organic, peanut/nut free, non-GMO, vegan, ethical, lab verified, pure and delicious.

We sincerely hope you enjoy and share with others! 






3.30 LBS

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