* NEW* Dark Chocolate Pecan Nut Butter by Wholesome Deelights

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Hand crafted with the best ingredients, Dee's small batch nut butters are made fresh with love.

Ok kids, these nut butters are a legit MUST TRY! Truly, words cannot describe how delish these are. I've chosen our top 4 faves, and I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed! Dee makes each batch to order, so these puppies have not been sitting on the shelf so they are freshy-fresh. They're so good that i kinda wish I had not discovered them because my caloric intake has increased dramatically...  They go best on a spoon and directly into your mouth lol.  If things get real quiet in my office it's probably because i'm slowly savouring a spoonful. AND they are sweetened with a monk fruit mix, so extra bonus points!

If you love someone, please gift them a jar. If you really really love them gift them a jar of each!

From Dee (and a little from me):  All the nutrition and deliciousness of dark chocolate & perfectly roasted pecans sweetened with a hint of monk fruit mix. Dark Chocolate Pecan is decadent on its own, and delightful with yoghurt, fruit, bread, ice cream, oatmeal, smoothies, granola, waffles, in a latte, & on a spoon directly into your mouth mmmm!

Nourish your body, excite your tastebuds. Vegan, gluten free, diabetic safe - no sugar added!

Each jar contains 250g of heaven. Refrigeration not required. Natural oils will float to the top, stir well to combine.

Ingredients: Pecan, organic cacao, erythritol, monk fruit extract, vanilla extract.


2.00 LBS

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