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TRACE Ocean Minerals by our Canadian friends Activation Products is by far one of the most nutritious supplements we have the pleasure of bringing to you- transform every glass of water into a truly natural electrolyte drink!

TRACE is a concentrated solution that you add to your water to make it mineral rich again. It contains an impressive variety of ionic sea minerals humans require to thrive. Natural, pure and clean — it's a wonderful way to transform regular tap or bottled water into a nourishing hydrating mineral-rich drink.

TRACE is a pure solution made up of over 70 different minerals made from ocean water off the southern coast of Australia — pulled from an area that is especially teeming with minerals and trace elements that are vital to human health and well-being. The ocean water, where almost every mineral and trace element required by the human body can be found, is gathered and dehydrated using solar evaporation. In addition to removing most of the water (H2O) itself, this also naturally eliminates most of the sodium. 

WHY IS IT CALLED TRACE IF IT CONTAINS SO MANY MINERALS: 'Trace' refers to the 70+ trace minerals you'll find in this powerful solution.

Some minerals are necessary in relatively large amounts for our bodies to function properly. These include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, chloride, potassium and sulfur. Those are sometimes referred to as "macro or major minerals". But several other minerals are only necessary in trace amounts, measured in parts per million in our diets. We need less than 100 milligrams of each per day.

Trace contains both major and trace minerals- over 70 of them in fact! Major minerals being the ones mentioned above like magnesium and trace amounts of minerals like zinc, iron, iodide, selenium, copper, cobalt and many more! These trace minerals are the minerals your body only requires in trace amounts.

HOW DO I USE TRACE: Activation Products recommends you add ½ tsp to your water each day to re-infuse your water with the proper amount of major and trace minerals. You can also just add a few drops to a glass or bottle of water. Shake or stir the drops into your water and enjoy! 

RECOMMENDED DOSE: Adults (18 and over) add 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) to your drinking water, juice or smoothie per day. This product is highly concentrated and should be mixed with water or other beverage before consuming. Take with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications or other natural health products.

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Ocean Mineral Concentrate (per 1/2 tsp = Magnesium 207 mg, Potassium 44 mg, Sodium 35 mg, Boron 1000 mcg, Calcium 141 mcg).

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