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We created our 1 kg choco bars in all flavours for the legit chocolate lover; ideal for chocolate addicts, home bakers and the manufacturing sector.

Our single origin lightly roasted arriba Nacional Ecuadorian heirloom organic cacao is a premium specialty organic cacao. ‘Organic’ is NOT enough, and frankly just because a food is ‘organic’ does not necessarily mean it’s the best, or even good! Giddy Yo goes above and beyond to source truly unique premium cacao, and we always lab test our raw materials so rest assured you’re well taken care of with Giddy Yo.

Do you chew your chocolate or let it melt in your mouth? If you're anything like me, I'm a total chocolate chewer, ain't no time for waitin' haha. We here at Giddy Yo love texture and being nut free and passionate about chocolate we created the CRUNCHY cacao-nibbed lineup! The CRUNCHY bar simply has our un-roasted cacao nibs sprinkled on top of your fave chocolate bar (which makes the bar darker, and of course crunchier). These babies turned out better than expected so you're definitely gonna want to try them ASAP.

We use only the finest organic freeze-dried strawberry powder atop and within a base of 80% Giddy Yo dark chocolate. Not too sweet and just enough strawberry to make a lasting impression.

Due to the thickness and extended time it takes to cool this bar, the chocolate may not be tempered. What this means for you is that it may look a little different once you break into pieces, may have an air-bubble consistency (think aero bar), may have a different mouth feel, may not have the same consistency as our 60g chocolate bars, then again it may be just the same as our 60g bars. This bar was made with the intention the end user would melt down and transform into something different, so consider yourself 'warned' lol.

To easily break into pieces, keep bar in sealed bag and whack on the countertop. It may break during the shipping so we do not guarantee it will arrive to you in 1 piece.

We do not accept returns on this product.

Ways to enjoy your BULK chocolate:

-Break it up into chunks for power bars, cookies, pancakes, oatmeal, etc.
-Make your own chocolate at home by melting it and adding fun things like nuts, seeds, berries, essential oils, herbs, mushrooms, etc.
-Create nutritious elixirs and hot chocolate.
-Fondue (and who doesn’t love fondue?).
-Shave down to beautify desserts.
-Chocolate covered FRUIT.
-Chocolate sauce
-A more cost effective way of eating LOTS of Giddy Yo everyday!
The possibilities are endless... Just another way to prove how much we LOVE our CUSTOMERS!

Ingredients: *Cacao (Cacao Paste, Cacao Butter), *Golden sugar cane, *Strawberry, *Vanilla Beans, Maras Pink Mt. Salt.

*Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA


3.00 LBS

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