Giddy Yoyo’s Code of Ethics clearly sets out the behaviours expected from all staff members and people who participate within the Giddy Yoyo organization. Our Code of Ethics sets out the parameters of how we treat each other as well as those whom we serve.

In combination with our Mission Statement, The Code of Ethics is of significant importance to Giddy Yoyo and a key component in our foundation. The Code is a reflection of our core beliefs, values and morals, a way of life if we may, and what we believe to be the future of ethical business practices. It is part of our commitment to change the current traditional business model in order to do what we know in our hearts to be right and just, to perform in a manner that produces exceptional results and to encourage accountability, all while serving the greatest good.

Giddy Yoyo places tremendous value on the importance of corporate culture. We are a mindful, heart-centered business and our intention is to touch the hearts of everyone we meet and give hope for a better today and future. This is done by maintaining a positive attitude, being authentic, carrying out each task with awareness and respect, and most importantly, leading by example.

We are committed to providing an empowering environment for all. We are well aware that it takes everyone’s commitment to create such an experience. A sincere thank you in advance for your commitment to our team and for modeling exemplary behaviour. Be the change you wish to experience.


*First and foremost, I treat others as I would like to be treated; simply put; I am mindful and heart-centered in my day-to-day dealings with all people while at Giddy and outside of Giddy (this includes, however is not limited to, co-workers, customers, family, community, environment, vendors and animals).

*I am honest and forthright in all I do.

*I am mindful of what is said, where it is said and the impact that my words and actions have on others.

*I place great emphasis on personal integrity. I walk my talk and understand it is my responsibility to ensure that my words are in alignment with my actions.

*I treat others in a professional manner, one that demonstrates respect, care and compassion (feel free to add a Giddy touch of fun and playfulness, and lots of authentic love and gratitude).

*I am authentic and I respect who I am. I trust that my perspective and uniqueness is valued.

*I am dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of self-care; may I be better, healthier, stronger, happier, more balanced and loving today than I was yesterday.

*I protect myself by creating healthy boundaries in my professional and personal life. I do not condone destructive and negative behaviours.

*I take full responsibility for my actions and behaviours and do not blame others for what I experience.  I admit to when I have violated this Code, and make amends to ensure it does not happen again.


*We serve the highest and greatest good only.  We believe there is both a right and wrong way to do things. We believe that when we exhibit the following behaviors, we are doing things as right as humanly possible as we create no ill will or harm to another human or sentient being in any way, and therefore this serves the ‘greatest good of all’;  kindness, compassion, honesty, humility, respect, patience, integrity, mindfulness, authenticity, and goodwill.

*We represent a safe, welcoming, positive, supportive environment that is conducive to ultimate holistic wellness.

*We lead by example.

*We are committed to helping each other, our business partners, our customers, our community, and our environment as a whole.

*We avoid using others as a means to an end.

*We are transparent in our purpose and act in a manner that is just and fair for all concerned.

*We encourage the integration of daily self-care practices to enhance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

*We maintain a commitment to ongoing learning.

*We honour each other’s uniqueness. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, in any form, ever.

*We represent Giddy Yoyo to the public in a professional manner by exercising good judgment, integrity, and adhering to the Code of Ethics at all times.