SWEET VANILLA 71% Dark Certified Organic Case of 20 bars

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We're are so darn happy to share with you our newly sourced lightly-roasted Ecuadorian heirloom organic cacao! We source only non-hybrid Arriba Nacional criollo beans, and now you can expect a lightly-roasted experience culminating in a deep powerful and nutty dark chocolate flavour. Your taste buds are gonna be like YASS! And by rich we mean really rich, and so powerful that Bridgitte (owner & founder), a seasoned 1-2 bar/day person since 2007, is eating less than 1 bar per day. Thus far feedback is 2 thumbs up, like we wish-we-would-have-switched-years-ago thumbs up!

This change affects all orders of 71% SWEET VANILLA starting July 23, 2020.

SWEET VANILLA 71%  71% Sweet Vanilla is our idea of the perfect ‘transition’ bar; real dark chocolate for those desiring to make the gentle leap from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, yet also appeals to those who love the dark dark bars. Go figure!

This bar was originally the 63% SWEET, however I thought the recipe needed to be tweaked…enter the deliciousness of the 71% Sweet Vanilla!  Our alchemic combination of heirloom dark cacao, mineral rich cane crystals and a pinch of the best vanilla beans & Maras Pink Mt. salt merge together to create a mylkie marshmallowy chocolate divinity! No cows were harmed in the making of this chocolate bar.

Ingredients: Cert. Organic Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste, Cert. Organic Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, Cert. Organic Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter, Vanilla Beans, Mountain Salt, Love & Gratitude.

Ingredients: *Cacao (Cacao Paste, Cacao Butter), *Cane crystals, *whole ground Vanilla Beans, Maras Pink Mt. Salt * 

*Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada