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smc-bio-pic.jpgI believe we all have character traits of our Creator which enable us to encourage and support one another through all aspects of life. At Giddy Yoyo, I see this action lived out. The Giddy team envisions success not only in quality product but in quality relationships built here and with the global community at all stages of the process. Giddy Yoyo believes in people serving in the best ways possible which, too me, is a characteristic of the Divine.


When I reflect upon the ‘divine’, I can always find it within creation. Also, with the best tools in hand, I believe we are gifted with abilities to create products from natural sources that … are simply awesome. I’ve been blessed to have been in a family business of beekeeping in my early years producing a wonderfully golden honey. I’ve also partnered with my wife on great coffee adventures which included producing and sampling fabulous cups from this plant that spans the globe. I thought my life could go no higher but when an opportunity came to work with chocolate the best chocolate, I felt a new affinity with the ‘divine’… can it get any better?

Scott McConnell

BMath; BRE; MDiv (in progress)