Mid-Day Squares COOKIE DOUGH, Caddy of 12, Org & Vegan, Refrigerated

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 LOVE YOUR MDS? Now you can purchase in a caddy of 12!!

Designed to Stop your Mid-Day Hunger and Cravings. Clean Protein + Superfoods = Win. The combination of their plant based protein, healthy fats, and fibre delivers many of the nutrients needed to curb cravings of indulgent treats.

Here’s what Mid-Day Squares has to say about their creations:  If you’ve ever got hit with afternoon hunger at work...if you’ve ever been on the run and had to delay lunch or dinner...if you’ve ever felt guilty, after eating that “insert secret here”… Mid-Day Squares were made for you. 

Designed to satisfy your sweet cravings and crush hunger in between meals. Each square offers 6g plant protein, 4g fibre and tastes great.

You can purchase by the bar, or by the caddy. Mix and match for extra fun.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (Fairtrade cocoa butter, Fairtrade cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar, salt), Organic sugars (organic maple syrup, organic apple juice concentrate, organic tapioca syrup, organic coconut sugar, organic molasses), Organic fava bean protein, Fairtrade cocoa butter, Olive oil, Organic Jerusalem artichoke powder, Organic carob protein, Organic cashew butter, Fairtrade cocoa powder, Vanilla extract, Salt, Organic apple cider vinegar, Water, Organic rice bran extract, organic okra powder. CONTAINS: Cashews. MAY CONTAIN: Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Sesame.

Although this is good on-the-go for 5 days outside of the fridge, please be advised This is a FRESH product and requires REFRIGERATION to be at its best so pop in fridge once received. We are a re-seller of Mid-Day Squares, and DO NOT manufacture the product. Visit the company's website for more detailed information.

SHELF LIFE:  100 days from date of manufacture.

Made by / Fait par MID-DAY SQUARES, Montreal, QC, H8T 3M6
Manufactured in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients. / Fabriqué au Canada à partir d'ingrédients nationaux et importés. May contain nutshell fragments. / Peut contenir des morceaux d'écales de noix.
Fairtrade cocoa: mass balance is used to match Fairtrade sourcing./ Cacao Fairtrade : le bilan de masse est utilisé pour correspondre au volume acheté aux conditions Fairtrade. www.fairtrade.ca



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