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lynda.pngGiddy Yoyo first came into my life a few years ago, when I went to Orangeville farmers market and bought a chocolate bar. I was living a few hours away at the time and I just couldn’t get over what their first ingredient was: Love and Gratitude! I kept that first wrapper and began to keep all of their different colored wrappers. They came with me all three times that I moved and when life sprung me to Orangeville, Giddy Yoyo happened upon my life. When a friend told me about the opportunity, I could feel my body tremor with certainty! Here I am, loving Giddy so MUCH! I want to share my love and gratitude with everyone. I am also inspired by wildlife, and currently have turtles as a big teacher in my life. I have spent the past six years as a turtle biologist; they have taken me on many adventures and continue to do so. I just want to continue Learnin, Laughin, Lovin, Life!


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