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Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve had the pleasure of being exposed to a diverse group of people in my life which I feel contributes to my love of interacting with others!

A few years ago I had the opportunity to experience Giddy Yoyo at a tradeshow in Toronto and could instantly relate to the positive, authentic vibe that the company radiated along with their team’s passion for sharing and educating the public about their amazing products.

When a Customer Service position became available within their Orangeville location, my goal was to become a part of the Giddy Yoyo family as I knew that their company values aligned with mine and helping others by promoting products I believed in for the benefit of their overall health and wellness would be something I would love.

During my down time, I enjoy the outdoors, travel and photography where I’m able to fulfil my adventurous side of exploring the world, whether through exploring new cities or towns or conquering a new summit during a challenging hike with my courageous wife whom I tend to drag to the top with me.

My family keeps me young and reminds me to appreciate what life is all about.

Love and Gratitude.


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