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Charlie stokesAfter receiving my Business Law degree from Carleton University in 2014 I entered a period of great uncertainty in my life. Logically speaking, the next step for me was law school; however, I wasn’t fully convinced that this was the correct path for me. My passion for law stems primarily from my passion for oral advocacy. Yet, through much self-reflection I came to realize that my desire was not to litigate on behalf of corporate interests, but to advocate for what I believe in.

I believe in cultivating healthy and fulfilling lives through nutrition, integrity and respect. I decided to devote my time and services to Giddy Yoyo because this company shares my values. What we do here at Giddy is not just about chocolate and superfoods. It’s about nurturing healthy lifestyles and feeling the love that comes with knowing you’ve played your part in making this world a better place to live.