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Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this, means a lot.

You may find this disappointing, but as a believer of spreading the truth I want you to know that I’m just a regular girl doing my best to make things better for people. That’s it, that’s all.

And what keeps me going day after day is a deep conviction and burning desire to create something so full of integrity and love that people cannot help but be drawn in and changed for the better. I know it’s possible.

I believe that the more you are blessed with, the more responsibility you have to give it all back. So that’s what I aim to do- give it all back and more.

I eat my chocolate and superfoods every day. I'm so happy with the amazing Team we've created, and it’s expanding. I have my health, good friends, a warm home, reliable car, clothes that fit, and lots and lots of love in my life. But most importantly, I have faith and learning day by day to make it grow deeper. Really, I have it all and wish the same for you.

I’ve learned a lot in the almost 50 years I’ve been alive, but the most important thing I have learned is that when you have faith in the right things, anything is possible. I am living proof.

So be sure to laugh a lot, eat good clean food, do what you love, and day by day live a life that your Grandma would be proud of.  Thank you all and God bless.